July 2017

"I found that Pete provided immense value to my overall development though the coaching process as well as in the follow up sessions. I was stuck in a difficult period of my career and Pete coached me in terms of the transition as well as the interpersonal relationship challenges which arose in my workplace during this period. It has been almost a year now and I am very settled, extremely happy in my role and with Pete's coaching have embraced and tackled the challenges head on."


"Pete set the tone from the start; clear, definitive and informative. This was the start of a trusting and fruitful process.

The sessions were all enjoyable and very engaging and I felt myself being tested right through the session and it is this that helped spur me on to put into action what I'd learned. This combined with the enthusiasm I developed for the program during the process really led to a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding process.

I am very thankful for the journey that I walked with Pete, I am empowered and confident to know that with the base I've developed in the tools I have at my disposal sky's the limit for me now. Thank you, Pete, for a set of new lenses and a new lease on life!"


July 2015

"Pete, it was a privilege to work with you...This journey I am on needed a person like you to shake the tree of my life and to reveal certain truths that before I might have laughed away. I feel so personally enriched by this experience... It will forever be a gift that is part of my life and I would like to thank you for paying it forward!"


June 2014

"Pete, I would like you to know that I am thankful for the time which you spent with me. I am still doing the things which we discussed, especially the intuitive things, the people things that don't just go on figures. I am still concentrating on this area. I am still driving to do what we set out to do - i.e. to progress myself to maybe getting a General Manager's position."

"Pete, it has been a good experience. I guess the value I have taken out particularly from the objectives set having been met. The value I got from coaching however went beyond the four objectives. It was only through sitting with you that I could tackle some of the issues that I have had with .... (deleted to maintain confidentiality) and I am using this clarity in other situations. Pete, thank you for believing in me and for giving me back the confidence to take on any issue."

May 2013

"Pete, I would like to say thank you for the input, guidance and knowledge that you have shared with me throughout our sessions. I could see your maturity and every session I attended was great. Thank you very much for everything you have done as this intervention has really helped and changed me. I am more comfortable when I am around people and speaking to them. Pete - you are a true gentleman - if only we had more people who are prepared to "listen, share and guide" it would be excellent.

Once again, a BIG thank you!"


May 2012

"Thank you Pete for your commitment to the whole coaching sessions. I really appreciate your time and your entire vision. I appreciate the way you made me see my objectives in a whole different way. You gave me time to think and re-think about my objectives. I also really appreciate that you challenged me in the sessions and made me think- this has made me a better person. Overall it was indeed a fantastic experience!"


Names have not been included for confidentiality reasons. If you wish to verify the accuracy of the above, please contact me on pete@petewilliams.co.za and I will gladly provide additional detail.

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